VF005 KACV California Redwood to KEKA Murray Field

On Saturday 17th April 2021, at 3pm BST (1400Z), we will host a flight from California Redwood to Murray Field on the west coast of the USA, optionally visiting at number of airfields along the way.

The route takes us to the following airfields:

  • KACV California Redwood
  • O21 Hoopa
  • O54 Pool/Weaverville
  • F62 Hayfork
  • H47 Hyampom
  • D63 Dinsmore
  • O19 Kneeland
  • KFOT Rhinerville
  • O33 Eureka
  • KEKA Murray Field

You can download the flight plan from Google Drive via the link below:

Voice communication will be through the Virtual Flight Discord server. To join if you have not done so already, visit the following link:

If running Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS), connect to the “West Europe” server in-game (click your Microsoft avatar within the configuration screens to see the server choice).

If running X-Plane, P3D, or FSX, run JoinFS, and look out for the Virtual Flight Online hub (I’ll set it up a little in advance).

MSFS users will be able to see each other automatically - if they want to see users in other simulators, and other simulator users to see them, they will need to run JoinFS too.