Introducing IFR Flights

This week we are starting our first foray into "Instrument Flight Rules" (IFR). This means flights between two locations following a planned departure and arrival route. For the moment, the IFR flights will take place on Tuesday evenings (GMT).

Flight plans for IFR flights typically involve a "Standard Instrument Departure" (SID), a "Standard Approach Route" (STAR), and a dictated "Approach".

The "SID", or "STAR" describes a number of waypoints aircraft are expected to navigate through - often combined with target speeds and altitudes.

The approach will name a runway, and any final waypoints associated with the final approach to it - which may correspond with the use of the "Instrument Landing System" (ILS) if it is available.

Your route between the final waypoint of a STAR, and the first waypoint of a SID is up to you - you may wish to create your own "en-route" waypoints, or follow real-world airways, corridors, and transitions.

We will be keeping our IFR flights "open mic" - with the friendly social atmosphere you have come to know during VFR flights. We are not going to simulate air traffic control - or at least not yet.

For new pilots there will be an emphasis on inclusion, education, and no pressure. More experienced pilots will be encouraged to help out where they can - sharing their knowledge, wisdom and experience. With that in mind, we will create several break-out chat rooms for mentors to use if they wish.