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Getting Started

Getting Started

To become a pilot with the VirtualFlight.Online virtual airline, you first need to register for an account by following the links below.

Joining the VirtualFlight.Online Airline

Just click the button below!

Join the Virtual Airline

Your account registration will require approval before you can login, which may take up to a day (all approvals are manual).

Following approval, you will be assigned a pilot ID, in the format "VFLnnnn" - each pilot has a unique 4 digit number.

Fill out your profile!

Once your account has been approved, visit the Edit Profile page, and fill out as much as you can. Pay particular attention to the "background" field, and tell everybody a little about yourself - your history with flight simulation and aviation in general. We're here to build a community.

Notice that the profile includes VATSIM and IVAO ID numbers. If you are interested in using VATSIM or IVAO, the flight despatch system can automatically pre-file your flight-plan for you.

Edit your profile

Install the ACARS client

To track your flights you will need to install the ACARS client. Visit the ACARS page to read all about it.

ACARS - Aircraft Communication and Reporting System

Book Flights

To record a flight, you have two options - either filling the details directly into the ACARS client (a free flight), or dispatching a flight via the Virtual Airline website. There are several places to find interesting flights:

  • Events and Tours - Click on an event, or tour that interests you, then click a leg, and dispatch the leg.
  • Scheduled Flights - Search for a flight that interests you, click on it, then dispatch it.
  • Chartered Flights - Fill in the details of your flight, and dispatch via Simbrief (requires a free Simbrief account).

Note that only dispatched flights will be marked as completed in tours and events - recording a free flight between the same departure and destination will not tick a leg as complete.

Visit the Tours and Events page

Complete a flight school event

When you start out, you are a "Student Pilot". Until you have at least 1 hours filed, you are restricted (for tours, events, scheduled flights, and charters) to flying the Cessna 152, Cessna 172, and Robin DR400 in the "Flying School" events. After completing 1 hour, you become a "Private Pilot", and can dispatch flights with any GA aircraft in the fleet. Note that you can also perform "free flights" without dispatching an event, tour leg, or chartered flight directly within ACARS.

You can find out more about career progression on the Rank page.

To help you get used to ACARS, we have created some introductory Flight School events:

The main aim of Flight School is to get used to starting and stopping flights in ACARS, dispatching flights via the airline, and to find out what you are scored on after each flight. Check your logbook to find out how you did. Note that flights sometimes take a minute or two to appear in your log after filing them.


Once you have qualified as a "Private Pilot", you can start any of the events, or tours available to private pilots - if you visit the Tours page within the airline you will see lots of options open to private pilots, which will then hopefully take you past 10 hours which then qualifies you for more aircraft, the scheduled flights, and charters in the big jets.

Scheduled flights

After reaching 10 hours of logged flight time, you become a "Class D First Officer" - which qualifies you for a number of Turboprops, and the scheduled routes they might fly. Remember to check the Rank page to find out which aircraft become available at each rank.

Note that you can filter the flight schedules page by aircraft type - which helps determine flights available to you.

Visit the Flight Schedules

Chartered flights

If you don't want to fly a tour or scheduled flight, you can fly a "Chartered Flight" between any locations in any of the aircraft you are qualified for and take advantage of a Simbrief operational flight plan. To do so you will need to visit the Dispatch page (while you have no booked flight), and request "Dispatch Charter Flight". You will need a free Simbrief account.

Visit Flight Dispatch

Follow the guidelines!

When recording flights either with ACARS, or manual PIREPs, you will be expected to record fair, accurate, and representative information:

  • You will not manipulate time (through acceleration or deceleration) within the simulator
  • You will not use SLEW, teleportation, or any other method of artificially moving your aircraft
  • If filing a manual PIREP your report will be as accurate, fair, and as representative as reasonably possible