San Francisco, here we come!

This week's IFR flight takes us to San Francisco. Check out the Events page for more information!

Hallo Germany!

This coming weekend we head to Germany for the first of several VFR flights exploring the German countryside. Check the Events page for details. As usual, the flight plan is posted to Google Drive, Discord, and Facebook.

From Rotterdam to Kastrup, Copenhagen

This week's IFR flight is from Rotterdam to Kastrup, Copenhagen - full details of the flight are in the Events page, on Facebook, in Discord, and Google Drive.

See you there!

A Social Meetup at LSZA Lugano

On Wednesday night this week we will visit LSZA Lugano in Switzerland, giving everybody a chance to try out the updates to Microsoft Flight Simulator together. The flight is listed on the events page, and has been advertised on the official Microsoft Flight Simulator forum too.

The meetup starts at 8pm - feel free to either load the simulator at Lugano, or fly-in from elsewhere! Voice communications will be via the Discord server, as per normal.

IFR flights off to a great start


After wondering if there might be much appetite for IFR group flights among the Flight Simulator community, we have been pleasantly surprised. We had somewhere in the region of 25 pilots queueing for take-off at Adelaide for the flight to Melbourne, and on a hastily prepared flight last Thursday, we saw about 15 pilots taking off from Stansted for Dublin.

On Thursday this week we head from Rotterdam to Kastrup, Copenhagen, to visit the Little Mermaid.

Check the Events page for full details of the flight, and the Flight Plans page to download the plan (search for VF037).