Why we score flights

Scoring is not a tool for punishment or a criteria for pirep acceptance. Your pipeps may be rejected due to several reasons which are mainly technical and related to errors which may affect overall stability of the system. Please do not hesitate to ask if one of your pireps gets rejected - staff may also contact you if they find a technical fault in your pireps/logs to help improve the system for everybody.

How flights are scored

All flights start with 100 points and there are no differences for the type of flight (tours, charters, free flights, etc). The main purpose of scoring is to discover mistakes, learn from them, and improve piloting skills.

The Rules

General Guidance

Lights Guidance

Entire Flight

Apron / Taxi Out

Take Off and Departure

Descend and Landing

Apron / Taxi In

Checks done by the system but not affecting scoring

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