What fights are available?

Broadly speaking, there are three types of flight at VirtualFlight.Online - scheduled flights, tours, and free flights.

We have pre-programmed a lot of scheduled flights and tours into the airline already, and we will be adding more tours every month going forwards.

Scheduled Flights

Scheduled flights are based on a "hub and spoke" system. Back when we founded VirtualFlight.Online, we chose 7 hubs on each continent - major airports, but perhaps not the usual airports people might think of in order to add some variety to the world of online aviation. From those hubs, we then added over 600 "spoke" airports - essentially all of the "International" airports throughout the world. We then calculated all of the suitable routes from hub to hub, and all of the routes from each hub to the spokes within a given range, and matched the result against the capabilities of each fleet of aircraft - resulting in approximately 6,000 potential flights.

Remember that scheduled flights are tied to aircraft - so may not be available to you based on your rank. As you file hours and raise in rank (see the ranks page), the flights available to you will increase via the aircraft you are qualified to operate.


If tours are more your thing, we have you covered. The tours page lists all of the available tours, and they are open to all.

Free Flights

We have pre-programmed the database behind the airline with all of the stock airports in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Over 40,000 of them. You're free to fly between any of them, flying any aircraft you are qualified for, and log it through ACARS.

Demystifying the Flight Numbers

Here's a quick guide to how the flight numbers are made up:

Scheduled Flights

Scheduled flights are prefixed with a code related to the airline (as listed below), with flight numbers starting at 1001. They do not use codes or leg numbers.

The "Flying Club" (VC) has no scheduled flights.

Tour Flights

Tour flights are prefixed with a code related to the airline, as with scheduled flights, with flight numbers starting at 10000. Tour flight numbers are comprised of the following parts:

As an example, the first leg of the UK tour becomes VFC10100/TUK.1.

Notice in ACARS that the airline, flight number, code, and leg can all be set at the top of the Flight page.

Free Flights

You can enter any details you wish into the Flight page of ACARS - just be careful not to enter the number of a real flight if you don't want your PIREP to become attached to it.

For this very reason, please keep free flight numbers below 1000, and don't use code or leg numbers.

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